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Music from Myanmar

Music from Myanmar

According to historical and archaeological evidence, the art of Myanmar music dates back to Pyu Period which flourished from the First to the Ninth centuries. In 802 A.D. Srikhestra, the Pyu kingdom, despatched a diplomatic and cultural mission comprising 35 members to the court of a Chinese emperor of Tang dynasty ( 618-907 AD) at the then capital of Chang-an (Xian).The Chinese historical archives described in detail the visit and the performances of the Pyu entertainers. They took with them 22 kinds of musical instrument. The Chinese emperor and the whole court were greatly fascinated by the performing arts of the Pyus or the ancient Myanmars.

Myanmar music changed and developed much through the past centuries both in terms of the art form and musical instruments. But one Peculiar character of Myanmar music remains: it is never written or recorded. Although attempts have been made to write Myanmar music through various systems of notation, most Myanmar musicians still cling to the traditional method of teaching, learning and playing music by heart or by ear.

Download the music samples below to experience the charms of Burmese music. These samples were arranged and recorded by Herve Flejo, one of the principals of Thanakha Travels and Tours.

Burmese music track 1 (1MB mp3)

Burmese music track 2 (1MB mp3)